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We take your Vision and make it a reality
GPetropoulos is one of those companies, which is thriving on passion and creativity for designing the best product from simple ideas. In this tumultuous world, we work as a team and share the same beliefs, and moreover, support each other through thick and thins. Our teams are working hard to make everything possible to touch the zenith height before others.
We take customer's vision and turn it into reality

We understand your vision and make innovative designs. Our elegant execution will amaze you as we don't copy the ideas from others. Are you ready to work with us?

Timely services

Though, engineering designs and layout take time to comprehend, but, we always make sure you get your products before the deadline.

In-depth planning

Though, there are various approaches in the marketplace to give a perfect shape to your visions, but, we choose the best. Sometimes, we use our techniques and ideas to create concise solutions, which will save much of the time and money. Without understanding the prototype, we don't delve directly into the production.

Satisfactory execution

CAE simulation, engineering calculations, 3D CAD modelling, optimization of the models are some of the basic requirement in every project. After analyzing the prototype, we spent hours executing the basic requirements, so our teams won't face many issues in the future. We perfectly implement the technologies and methodologies without any fault.

Our services

Specific components of the design process that are essential to the overall quality of the product.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an extremely daunting and diverse field, where there are lots of things to consider such as statics, structural analysis, dynamics, fluid and thermal study, and much more. However, converting simple concepts to products is not everyone's cup of tea. But, we consider everything minutely like sketching of the concepts to CAD, detailed analysis of the 3D modelling, assembling issues of the product, and preparing the 2D structures, tolerance rate determination, DFM and DFA, and much more. Moreover, we also study the mechanical theories before creating the product. Learning about the combination of the forces, gyroscope, heat transfer phenomenon and CFD concepts is important to develop the best product in history. Our teams are highly efficient in understanding these lessons mentioned above and implement the same in reality.

Product development

GPetropoulos offers you tools, turnkey suite of solutions and complete reference to produce the best project from the simple concepts at minimal costs. In addition to this, we develop the concept first before proceeding to other sections. After accomplishing the basic requirements, we move towards the detailed analysis part, physical prototyping phase, production launch, agile designing phase, cloud CAD arrangement and finally, create the product.

Innovative problem-solving tips

There are various ways of creating a product, but, we always choose the best for customers. Selecting the most innovative path may put several challenges for our team to overcome, but, we never lose our hope and hard work to prove that GPetropoulos is the best among others in today's date. Moreover, we often choose the easiest and quickest path to accomplish the requirements as well as to solve the contradiction. Apart from this, we believe that being simple is the best way to win your heart.

Relevant computer-aided designs

Being in this technology-prone era, we hardly depend on the manual efforts and processes. Computer-aided solutions and designs are flexible and error-free, which is helping us to complete the project in time. There are various types of CAD services available today, but we choose the best like 3D modelling, animation, kinematic, 2D manufacturing, and engineering drawing tools to design a creative model.

System and electronics engineering

No doubt, we have teams for developing mechanical products, but, on the other side of the fence, we have expertise in the field of electronics and system engineering. Engineers from this department are highly experienced and have depth knowledge about the software elements, industrial designs, and development services. However, they deliver optimum designs and solutions to complete the project by using the fast moving technologies. Our teams work patiently and solve the complexities without getting panic and tensed. They thoroughly understand the importance of each element in the project before the handover the final product to you.


While dealing with mechanical engineering projects, the analysis is the most important part to consider. Moreover, we thoroughly study the impacts of various mechanical components, which are under stress, and simulate the behavior by using advanced tools and software.

Rapid Prototyping

Without having a relevant prototype, we cannot model the project as there are certain chances of committing errors. Thus, we always make sure that prototypes are ready by correctly determining the behaviour of the equipment and devices. Moreover, to enhance the strength of the projects, we use precise geometry dimensions and finish the work before the deadline.

Interactive documentation

Other than using the advanced tools, we develop technical documentation based on three dimensions like spare parts usage, manual services, and assembling process. We consider all these categories minutely.

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